Turn-Based Strategy

Star Factions is a tabletop strategy game I worked on with a team of 5 other classmates. It’s a game about colonizing planets and fighting for control over the galaxy. We spent a month prototyping the game with a hex mat and basic glass tokens, and then ported what we had into the online tabletop game platform Over the course of the month, we continued to implement and adjust mechanics, playtest, and iterate until we felt we had theĀ fun, competitive game we were wanting.


I worked as the team’s Art Director, where I created all of the prototype and final artwork for the game’s many pieces – the faction ships, the board, the manual, logo, and diagrams showing the game setup process.

I used Photoshop to make a few box concepts to show the team. This was one that we felt would be the most noticeable on the shelves against other tabletop games.

Here is a photo of the game board we used for early prototyping before porting the game into Roll20:

We wanted to focus on the game being as balanced as we could, which meant for us to remove the top three rows of the board so that all four factions could start equidistant to the center.
Here is the final board art I created in Photoshop. The idea for the board was for it to resemble a solar system with its star in the center and planets spread outward. I used a pretty spiral galaxy in the background to further push the idea that the game takes place in space. Obviously, it’s not a physically-accurate system, but for the sake of gameplay, we were willing to ignore that. The version in Roll20 is nearly identical in appearance and identical in gameplay proportions.
This is the play area once setup has been completed, which shows the locations for where players should keep their blueprints and resources, as well as their ship tokens and cards. We felt that dividing the game’s factions into different colors was helpful for distinguishing them apart, so I kept that premise for this setup image.
Examples of a few of the card types in the game. I tried to follow information display conventions of other Trading Card Games for where and how to display the information on the cards.
This is a screenshot from the game as it was played inside of Roll20. Each player would take control of their respective faction’s ships and move their tokens just as they would on a physical analog game. We kept a running log of any issues on the side of the game board that helped us remember these issues and work towards implementing fixes together.